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41 years ago, Eddie and Nelda Hodges, along with a small group of their friends, began a journey that would eventually see thousands of Abilene kids find "real life" -- life in Jesus Christ. They did this by beginning a ministry in Abilene called Young Life. Through their time, their prayers, and their finances they worked to have an outreach to teenagers that involved "Volunteer Leaders", and eventually Young Life Staff, going where kids are. The approach was purely relational as these Leaders spent countless hours with kids "in their world" developing relationships -- doing ministry the way they had read Jesus and the disciples had done it.


Now, 41 years later, Young Life has grown to incorporate every high school in Abilene, one middle school, as well as a ministry dedicated to teen parents. Eddie and Nelda continue to be a very direct part of Young Life in Abilene through their gifts from their foundation, The Hodges Foundation.

The foundation's generous grants to Young Life help us to continue our efforts to reach Every kid: kids of color, kids of every socio-economic background, and in the future our goal is to have a Young Life ministry dedicated to reaching out to kids with special needs.

Eddie and Nelda, through the Hodges Foundation, are active partners with Young Life and we are grateful for that partnership! 

-- Director, YoungLife of Abilene, TX


The Hodges Foundation has had a direct impact on the "quality of life" and well being of hundreds of individuals who have received care that was made possible through your foundation's financial assistance.  I want to to be clear about this point-lives have been saved because of help that has been provided to people who had a very limited ability to pay for professional therapeutic services-your foundation made this possible.

In addition, countless families that were on the brink of destruction were able "to weather the storm" and not just survive, but to grow far healthier because of the Hodges Foundation provided funds for treatment.  This means that many children were spared the trauma that accompanies divorce.  Statistics make it clear that children who are raised in a loving two parent home fair much better in life, as a whole.

And lastly, our community has been enriched through the efforts of the Hodges Foundation because our clients have learned the value of contributing to lives of others, as you and your wife model so well.  Many of our clients have added greatly to the health of our community in many ways and were it not for the Hodges Foundation, they would not be in Abilene today, or perhaps even alive. 

The Hodges Foundation is a model for others that seek to impact the lives of individuals, the health of families and the culture of this community!

-- Jim Sulliman, Ph.D.
   Pastoral Care and Counseling Center

Thank you again for your financial support toward the Big Country Area Health Education Center (AHEC)’s Health Matters Summer Camp for the past three years
.  The camps were a huge success and vital to our mission of addressing the health care provider shortage and improving health care access in West Texas through education and development of the health care work force.


The Health Matters Summer Camp is one of the most important yearly activities of our organization that “early intervention” programs significantly affect a student’s choice of health careers.  The results of these studies appeared in the Journal of the National Medical Association.  The data also shows that that recruitment of students into a career should start at an early age, even before high school. 


The Health Matters Summer Camp has been attended by over 90 students from various communities in the 27 counties we serve and beyond.  The camp is designed for area high school students who are interested in a future health career.  While attending the camp, students will learn about different health career opportunities, tour area hospitals and college campuses, and take a day trip to the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock.  

The generous grants were very much appreciated in helping to defray the cost of the camp.    

Again thank you for your support!

-- Kelly D. Cheek
Center Director, Big Country Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

Three big “Hurrahs!” to you, the Hodges Foundation and Mrs. Kenner Allensworth, M.D for your support of AHEC health career programs. Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) are a big link between young adults who aspire to become health professionals and the employers who hire them.

By sponsoring AHEC health career camps, the Foundation actually helps grow health professionals in Parker and Palo Pinto Counties. Almost 90% of AHEC camp participants pursue education past high school, 85% of them matriculate into health sciences education, and nearly 15% become health care workers.  These students often return to the community where they started from and
become the health care workers of tomorrow.

We’re very proud to be associated with the Hodges Foundation and even more pleased by your support. 

Tom Knight,
Interim Center Director

Prairie Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

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